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Vegan Cheese Range

Below is a sample range of vegan products available. Contact us to see the whole range

Vegan cheese on white napkin with brazilian nut, mint and lemon

Vegan Cheddar Flavour Slices

Enjoy your mac & cheese and let your taste buds be spoilt by its dairy-free melty uniqueness.

Vegan Mozzarella Flavour slices

GreenVie with mozzarella flavour will sure melt nicely on top of your burger! 


Inspired by Mediterranean diet GreenVie “Vegrill” combines the freshness of herbs and a buttery texture!

Greek Style

GreenVie “Greek Style” will add to your dishes a fresh and rich taste! 

Vegan Gouda Flavour grated

Melt it, cook it, taste it! You will be amazed by its texture and meltability! 

Vegan Cheddar Flavour with Apricots Block

The sharpness of cheddar with the sweetness of apricot, for a taste that’s truly sophisticated.

Block with Camembert flavour

A delicious, fancy, vegan camembert flavour block is here to blow your mind! 

GreenVie Vegan Blue Flavour Wedge

Experience the rich, nutty and savory taste of GreenVie Blue and immerse yourself into new taste combinations!

Spread Me with Red Peppers

GreenVie spread mixed with roasted red peppers makes this an exquisite spread for the lovers of intense flavours.

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