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Our meats are responsibly sourced from ethical farms across Europe.
Take a look at our charcuterie range.


Salted and sometimes spiced, Capicola has a tender texture and fatty consistency. It is dry-cured, sometimes left to mature for up to 6 months.


Usually smoked, Chorizo is made from pork seasoned with paprika and chilli to give add an element of spice to its flavour. It can be eaten cooked or raw, depending on how it will be served.


A Spanish delicacy, Jamon Iberico comes from the pork of the Iberian pig. The meat is raised to strict standards, creating a high quality product.


Jamon Serrano is a dried ham that is typically aged for at least a year. It is served in restaurants and bars across Spain.


A common addition to charcuterie boards. It has a savoury flavour with a salty tang. Prosciutto is dry-cured and gains a stronger flavour with ageing.


Sopressata shares a similar taste to salami, but is dried before serving. There are variations in the Italian regions, but it is typically made from pork and seasoned with pepper, salt and spices.


Our Tuna is sourced through carefully selected fisheries that source the produce in an environmentally sustainable way.



Ecuadorian Tuna is sourced according to the country’s strict regulations, which ensure the preservation of marine habitats and species while sourcing a high-quality product.