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Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Range

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What is IQF?

IQF stands for “individually quick frozen.” Unlike regular freezing, where food clumps together in a solid block, IQF keeps each piece separate. Imagine a bag of shredded cheese – with IQF, each shred freezes on its own, making them easier to grab and use in recipes.

The Science Behind IQF

The inspiration for IQF came from a surprising discovery. A biologist noticed that fish caught ice fishing froze instantly on the snowy surface, yet some remained alive after thawing. The key lies in the speed of freezing. Slow freezing creates large ice crystals that pierce and damage cells. Quick freezing, like with IQF, forms tiny crystals that leave the cells intact.

This concept applies to food as well. Regular freezing creates large ice crystals that damage the food’s structure, making it mushy and dry. The water inside the cells gets pushed out by the growing crystals, causing the limp texture. IQF’s rapid freezing prevents this damage by creating small crystals that don’t harm the cell walls, keeping the food fresh and flavorful.

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