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Cheese Products From France

Flag of France
Brie cheese on wooden round board with bunch of white grapes


A soft cheese named after the French region it originates from, it is mostly eaten as a dessert cheese. Brie has a mild, fruity flavour and a strong aroma.

top view of camembert cheese on white marble tabletop


Camembert is a soft cheese with a white coloured rind. The cheese is usually eaten warm, giving it a runny consistency. Its flavour is buttery and sweet with a mild aroma.

aged cheese in the cellar ready to eat eating cooking appetizer meal food snack on the table food


Produced in Eastern France, Comte is an unpasteurised, artisan cheese. It is pale yellow in colour with a natural rind and a savoury flavour.

French Morbier cheese


Franche-Comté’s Morbier packs bold flavors. Ash line divides creamy center, all in a leathery rind.

Blue cheese and knife on cutting board


Roquefort, a sheep’s milk blue cheese, boasts sharp tang & creamy texture. Caves in France age it, lending distinct flavor.

French goats cheese


Chèvre” (goat cheese) is white, with flavor & texture changing as it ages.

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